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Our D Roots Botanica Soap Bars, Natural Bath Soap, Transparent Bath Soap Have Mesmerizing Scent and Impressive Body Cleansing Ability.

About Us

Bright and smooth skin, free from germs and blemishes is desired by everyone in this modern world. And needless to cite, soaps with mesmerizing fragrance truly make it worthy of investment. For people who desire to make bathing a pleasurable experience and care for their body, Shree Jain Chemical Industries, as a manufacturer, brings for them mint, sandalwood and fruit based soaps. 

Our Coco Natural Handmade Soap, Smell The Rainbow Soap, Aloe Vera Soap, Lemon Splash Soap, Natural Papaya Skin Whitening Soap and a host of other soaps remove oil and dirt on oily, sensitive, dry and other skin types. Our soaps promote healthy body by clearing the skin well, removing impurities and preventing acne. 
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